AI = regression. Cloud = someone else’s computer. Robotic process transformation = excel macros. Data scientist = Statistician living in California. Blockchain = Linked list database. Are these correct statements?

Oversimplification and analogy can help me grasp the core idea underpinning new concepts. Technology giants and silicon valley tend to generate buzz words & hypes and claim themselves to be the masters of that popularized concept. Therefore, it might be hard to see through the smoke and mirrors at times. Here’s a humorous way to look at some of these new concepts along with an simplification / analogy.

Is Artificial Intelligence glorified regression / curve fitting?

Not exactly…

If you wanted to leave an eternal message digitally, how would you do it? No cloud digital service is guaranteed to run forever. Who can guarantee that Facebook will still be around 5 years later, or Evernote, Google, etc? Google for instance, is infamous for discontinuing its services all the time. What happened to the messages you sent on ICQ, myspace, etc? This is due to the fact that digital services are operated by private companies (or another authority) and if the service, or the operating institution does not make money they would simply shut the service down. Governments could…

What do your friends think of you? Honest feedback is a gift. But no-one gets it because friends are afraid to hurt your feelings and others just don’t care enough about you. How can you improve yourself without knowing where you need to improve. How are you known in your circles? What do people think of your character, looks, abilities? You simply don’t know.

It’s not easy to understand how other people perceive us. We are often uncertain, confused, or even completely unaware of what we project. …

Almost out of a cyber-punk novel: people having dinner over video chats, hazmat workers spraying empty streets, little kids never going out & doing teleconferences with teachers, empty grocery shelves, people with masks avoiding each other at gas stations, church services over zoom. Digital transformation, doomsday prepping, obsessive compulsive behaviours, distrust in “growth economy” are some concepts going mainstream. Corona virus pandemic is changing the future-world as we speak.

Similar to 9/11 or the mortgage crisis, the covid19 pandemic is a paradigm-shifting milestone which would have secondary and tertiary cascade effects in the decades to come. Markets are in a…

  • Preppers (survivalists)are not nutcases. Anti-vaxxers are nutcases.
  • Globalization is overrated. Toilet paper is underrated.
  • Fear of nuclear warfare is exaggerated. Fear of biological warfare is understated.
  • CEO’s were not the leaders of digital transformation. COVID19 was the leader of digital transformation.
Image by Stefan Keller
  • Pastors/imams/priests & prayers are ineffective in saving lives. Science is effective in saving lives.
  • Majority of stock market investors are irrational. Some politicians are incompetent. All health workers are invaluable.
  • Dominance is not a measure of leadership in the world. Leadership is a measure of dominance in the world.
  • Avoid negative people. Avoid positive people.
  • Our parents were right…

“Rich are buying stocks while poor are buying toilet paper” — Internet wisdom

Should you start buying stocks now? Or Bitcoin? Sell real estate? Below are some thoughts on financial outlook. I will leave toilet paper hoarding discussion to another article.

Some people are rushing to stock up on toilet paper and sanitizers while others are loading up on stocks. Covid-19, which stands for Corona Virus Infectious Disease 2019, has been wreaking havoc in our daily lives. Isolation, quarantine, social distancing, empty racks at groceries, tanking stocks. It is expected to see unexpected behaviours at times of extreme distress. …

Do kids think basketball referees are dwarves?

Are apes sorry to have created humans who took over the world?

Why is every c in pacific ocean are pronounced differently?

Doesn’t junk mail printed on recycled paper (recyclyed from thrashed junk mail) prove recycling is futile?

Are vegetarians more easy going due to lack of red-meat in their diet?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

Why isn’t there mouse-flavored cat food?

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? …

Hacked self-driving cars running amok, cryptocurrency miners triggering an ice age, particle accelerators creating an accidental black hole that swallows earth, super-intelligent machines taking everyone’s job, CRISPR gene modification producing designer babies and making previous borns inferiors…Doomsday scenarios are fascinating to us and the emerging technology always fuels our minds for speculation. Evolution wired us to watch for dangers and therefore potential dangers always interest us. Possibly as a result of this innate behavior, we also tend to give more credibility to pessimistic theories than optimistic ones. Let’s brainstorm on some worst-case scenarios that are not so far-fetched.

Dystopian future scenarios triggered by technology

Kamikaze self-driving cars wreaking havoc

Hardened and…

AI agents sitting among the board of directors, blockchain governing autonomous corporations, traditional proxy voting being history: we are witnessing a major disruption of corporate governance nowadays. What are the new rules for distributed autonomous organizations? What are the implications of emerging tech for corporate governance, workforce, and even course of economics history?

Could artificial intelligence enable the so-called “perfect information” condition of economics theories so that everyone would have perfect information before making decisions (enabled by AI)? Furthermore, could blockchain enable everyone to participate in decisions being made without friction (voting on blockchain) and thus reinforce rational decision making…

Just do it - Prepare your children for the selective enrollment gifted admission test before kindergarten and give them the chance to get a head start in life. Below are some golden tips. If your child is admitted to a selective enrollment school (classical school or a regional gifted center), s/he will have a big advantage for a succesful education. Selective enrollment schools provide high quality education similar to good private schools, but for free.

Like most parents, I was confused about the public school system. It is fairly complex and offers many choices and differs from state to state…

Erman Akdogan

AI & Cloud Technology Executive at IBM, Chicago. Magazine columnist & author of cyberpunk, technology books. Views are my own.

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