See Through the Silicon Valley Smoke & Mirrors

AI = regression. Cloud = someone else’s computer. Robotic process transformation = excel macros. Data scientist = Statistician living in California. Blockchain = Linked list database. Are these correct statements?

Oversimplification and analogy can help me grasp the core idea underpinning new concepts. Technology giants and silicon valley tend to generate buzz words & hypes and claim themselves to be the masters of that popularized concept. Therefore, it might be hard to see through the smoke and mirrors at times. Here’s a humorous way to look at some of these new concepts along with an simplification / analogy.

Is Artificial Intelligence glorified regression / curve fitting?

Internet meme for AI, ML, Statistics

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart branding for machine learning (ML)?

When you’re fundraising, it’s AI. When you’re hiring, it’s ML. When you’re implementing, it’s logistic regression.

– everyone on Twitter ever

Reality of Machine Learning in industry:
* 20% telling business people what ML is
* 20% data collection
* 30% data cleaning
* 15% data review
* 10% building machine learning models
* 5% deployment of models

-Dat Tran

Is data science just statistics done by non-statisticians?

A data scientist is a statistician who lives in San Francisco
- @jeremyjarvis

Data Science is statistics on a Mac.
- @bigdataborat

Data Scientist (n.): Person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.
- @josh_wills

Is Robotic Process Transformation a fancy name for large scale Excel macros & scripting?

Is Blockchain basically a linked list database?

Is a smart contract kind of stored procedure?

Technology buzzwords

Is Cloud just someone else’s computer? New generation of dumb terminals? Rebirth of mainframe?

Is Microservices rebranded Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?

Feel free to leave your opinion the below technologies from hype cycle:
- Augmented reality, mixed reality
- Connected home
- Virtual assistants
- IoT platform
- Deep learning
- Digital twin
- Smart workplace
- Quantum computing
- 3-D printing

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AI & Cloud Technology Executive at IBM, Chicago. Magazine columnist & author of cyberpunk, technology books. Views are my own.

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